Celebrate National Cuban Sandwich Day on August 23 with McArthur’s!

a plate of a large Cuban sandwich separated by two dill pickle slices

Cuban sandwich fans, rejoice and mark your calendars – National Cuban Sandwich Day is Wednesday, August 23! This delicious variation of a ham and cheese sandwich originated in cafes in Key West and Ybor City, Tampa, two early Cuban immigrant communities in Florida. Traditionally made with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickles, and salami all on lightly-buttered Cuban bread, the Cuban sandwich is usually pressed and is enjoyed throughout the world.

Celebrate with these 6 fun facts that you might not know about this scrumptious sandwich!

It Was Popular Among Cigar Factory Workers – Although an early version of the Cuban sandwich was created in Cuba proper, the Cuban sandwich that we know and love originated in Tampa’s cigar-producing neighborhood of Ybor City in the late 1800s. It caught on in the early 1900s and was a big hit among German cigar factory workers.

The Salami Was the Italians’ Idea – The Cuban sandwich is a sweet combination of 3 different immigrant groups that came together in the South. Salami wasn’t added until immigrated Italian bricklayers came up with the idea (and also found that placing a hot brick on top of the sandwich for a few minutes would make it taste even more divine).

There Is a Regional Disagreement About the Sandwich’s Recipe – Some people believe that a Cuban sandwich consists of ham, mojo pork, Genoa salami, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and dill pickle slices on crispy Cuban bread. Cuban sandwiches created in Tampa typically include the salami, but those in south Florida cities like Miami tend to exclude salami.

You Can Thank the Germans for the Mustard – Know why mustard was included on the sandwich? Because the Germans found out that the condiment didn’t spoil in the sweltering Florida heat. Refrigeration was hard to come by in the early 20th century, which is why mustard is used instead of mayo.

It’s the Official Sandwich of Tampa – In 2012, the Tampa City Council and Mayor Bob Buckhorn passed a resolution that made the Cuban sandwich the city’s official sandwich!

There’s an Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival in Ybor City – This fun festival attracts competitors from all around the nation. In 2015, many restaurants combined their powers to create a 105-foot-long Cuban sandwich, making it the world’s longest Cuban sandwich ever!

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, remember to come in to McArthur’s to savor our very own Cubano panini! Our delicious take on the classic sandwich includes shaved pork, honey ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and, of course, sweet mustard. McArthur’s is the place to celebrate, and we can’t wait to see you Wednesday (and any other day as well)!

11 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests and Make Your Wedding Memorable

purple wedding macarons

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable, whether you’re planning on doing a choreographed dance with your bridesmaids or you’re saying, “I do” in a meaningful location. Of course, everyone will remember the dessert – after all, who doesn’t love dessert at a wedding reception?!

If you’re not the biggest fan of wedding cake, don’t feel like you have to have it at your reception! In fact, there are several different wedding dessert alternatives that many couples are choosing to serve at their receptions. Here are 11 unique ideas!

Bite-Sized Pastries – Can’t decide on your dessert? Who says you have to be limited to just cake slices?! Set out a dessert table filled with bite-sized portions of pastries like cheesecake squares in various flavors, mini muffins, and more for your guests to savor.

Brownies – Delicious, delectable, decadent. No matter how you dress it up, brownies are an amazing sweet treat that you and your guests can enjoy during your reception. Build a tasty tower of beautiful brownies in various flavors for the traditional look of a wedding cake (but better!).

Candy Table – Looking for a customizable wedding dessert? Why not try having your very own candy table?! You can pack the table with your favorite candies in your wedding colors for your guests to pick and choose from.

Cheesecakes – For a special spin on the traditional wedding cake, serve savory cheesecake! You can even reserve a larger cheesecake for you and your betrothed and serve miniature cheesecakes for your guests to enjoy hassle-free.

Donut Tower – Whether you’re having a brunch reception or simply have a penchant for these fried pastries, donuts are a total crowd-pleaser! Glazed, powdered, iced, or sprinkle donuts – no matter which you choose, your guests are sure to love this unique wedding dessert.

Ice Cream – Give cake the boot and serve ice cream instead! From sundaes to ice cream cones and everything in between, your guests can create their own memorable treat with whichever flavors and toppings you choose to provide.

Macarons – Who can resist these divine, scrumptious little snacks? Have a tantalizing tower of macarons in your wedding colors instead of a traditional wedding cake. Choose from an array of flavors in the filling like raspberry, caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and more!

Mini Bundt Cakes – Simple, hassle-free, and small but scrumptious, the mini bundt cake has it all. These cute little desserts require no major decorating. Simply finish them off with a delicious glaze or a little bit of powdered sugar!

Mini Cupcakes – How can anyone say “no” to sweet miniature treats, especially mini cupcakes?! Serve delectable bite-sized cupcakes in various flavors like chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, salted caramel, and more for a small but satisfying snack!

S’mores – Planning an outdoor wedding this fall? Complete the ambiance with a fire pit and individual s’mores kits for all of your guests! They’ll have a blast toasting marshmallows over the fire pit before slathering them on graham crackers and smothering them with chocolate. Don’t forget the napkins!

Whoopee Pies – Don’t want to bother with cutting the cake and breaking up the party? Serve whoopee pies instead! These bite-sized treats come in a wide variety, whether you want chocolate, red velvet, or any other delicious flavor.

No matter what kind of dessert you want to serve up at your wedding reception, we can help! We are proud to serve you delicious desserts and listen to your every wish when it comes to the perfect wedding treat. Call us today to schedule a consultation at (314) 894-0900!

Celebrate National Cheesecake Day with These 5 Fun Facts!

a slice of cheesecake and assorted fruit on a white plate

What will you be doing on Sunday, July 30? We hope that you’ll be celebrating one of the sweetest dessert holidays – National Cheesecake Day! What better way to do that (aside from savoring some delicious cheesecake) than to learn about some little-known facts about this creamy, luxurious dessert?

Here are 5 fun facts about cheesecake that you might not know about!

It Has Ancient Origins – Cheesecake is said to originate from ancient Greece. In fact, it is believed that the dessert was served to athletes during the first Olympic games in 776 B.C. to help energize the competitors. Evidence of early cheesecakes can be traced back to 2,000 B.C. at the Greek island of Samos.

It’s Not Actually a Cake – A cheesecake – at least an American-style cheesecake – is technically not a cake. It’s a baked cheese custard pie with a crust. Regardless, it’s absolutely delectable!

There Are Dozens of Styles of Cheesecakes – You’re probably very familiar with the New York style of cheesecakes, but there are several types out there just waiting for you to try! Styles of cheesecake include (but are not limited to) the Pennsylvanian, Philadelphian, Farmer’s, country, Chicagoan, Asian, Australian, Italian, Dutch, German, Greek, Brazilian, Colombian, and many more!

The American Cheesecake Has an Interesting Backstory – New York dairyman William Lawrence accidentally invented the modern American cream cheese (thank goodness!) when he tried to recreate a soft French cheese called Neufchatel in 1872. The signature cheesecake that we all know and love was created later in the 1900s by German immigrant Arnold Reuben. Although he is best known for his signature sandwiches, Reuben experimented with a cheese pie recipe he sampled at a dinner party until he came up with the lauded New York-style cheesecake.

The Largest Cheesecake Weighed Nearly 2.5 Tons – On January 25, 2009, Philadelphia Kraft Foods Mexico made the largest cheesecake ever made in Mexico. The final delicious product wound up weighing in at 4,703 pounds. That’s an awful lot of cheesecake!

Don’t forget to cap off National Cheesecake Day by stopping by one of McArthur’s Bakery Café’s locations and ordering a fresh, sumptuous cheesecake. Share it with your friends and family, or savor it little by little yourself! Want to place an order? Just call us at (314) 894-0900!

Relish the Finest Coffee in St. Louis at McArthur’s Bakery Café!

scoop of Park Avenue Coffee

Tired of making that boring, uninspired, generic cup of coffee at work or home every morning? Are your taste buds often left feeling in desperate need of something rich and unique? Then we’ve got the answer to all of your problems!

McArthur’s is proud to offer coffee from St. Louis’ own Park Avenue Coffee. Park Avenue Coffee is a café that is well-known for air roasting all of their coffees. This process brings the most out of each bean, giving you a bold, rich, and flavorful taste that you won’t soon forget!

Treat your senses to air-roasted coffees, iced coffees, espresso, several types of lattes, or delicious mocha, caramel, or vanilla frappes. Not a coffee fan? Then try our Park Avenue hot tea! You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated after savoring one of our tantalizing teas, no matter what time of day.

Don’t want to get out to grab a drink? We don’t blame you, especially in this heat. Stay in your car and let us do all the work by ordering at the drive-thru! Just tell us what you want, and we’ll serve your favorite beverage fresh and ready before you head out to your next destination. While you’re at it, grab some fresh pastries and treats for the office or a delicious salad or sandwich for lunch!

We are very excited to provide beverages created by Park Avenue Coffee. Not only do our customers enjoy them, but we are also happy to support another St. Louis-grown business!

What are you waiting for? Come visit one of our locations and see for yourself why McArthur’s Bakery Café and Park Avenue Coffee make such a great team! Trust us – your taste buds will thank you!

Psst – you can read more about Park Avenue and their history right here!

Celebrate National Cupcake Lover’s Day with These 8 Fun Cupcake Facts!

rows of blue cupcakes

What is it about this tasty, miniature cake that we all love? Is it the fluffy, moist texture of our favorite cake flavor, or is it that sweet frosting that seals the deal? Either way, we love cupcakes, and we sure are glad they exist!

Celebrate this sweet holiday by checking out these 8 fun facts about cupcakes!

  • While they hadn’t grown in popularity until recent years, cupcakes have been around since 1796. A recipe for “a cake to be baked in small cups” was featured in American Cookery at the time.
  • Before muffin tins were invented or even widely available, these confectionary treats were often baked in pottery cups, ramekins, molds, and other kinds of “cups.” The name “cupcake” stuck and is given to any small cake that is roughly the size of a teacup.
  • Before being called cupcakes, these desserts were originally called “number cakes” or “1234 cakes.” That’s because it was a relatively easy way for bakers to remember the portions of their ingredients: 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour, 4 eggs, 1 cup of milk, and 1 spoonful of soda.
  • Cupcakes are often referred to as “fairy cakes” in the United Kingdom and “patty cakes” in Australia.
  • As hard as it might be to imagine, cupcakes were not frosted originally. They were typically just flavored with dried fruit or spices or gilded with lard as a way to keep the cake moist. You can thank Winston Churchill for suggesting that a type of sweet frosting be added atop these handheld treats.
  • Cupcakes started becoming more popular in 1919 when Hostess began mass-producing them. However, they didn’t possess the cream-filled centers and frosting that we know until the 1950s.
  • The world’s largest cupcake was created on August 15, 2009. It weighed 1,224 pounds and was 4 feet tall by 10 feet wide. Crazier yet, it had over 2 million calories!
  • Conversely, the world’s smallest cupcake ever made was 1.5 centimeters tall and 3 centimeters wide!

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about cupcakes! Don’t forget to come in to McArthur’s and celebrate National Cupcake Lover’s Day with one of our delicious, fresh cupcakes, or bring a dozen of them home or in to your workplace! Learn more by visiting us at www.mcarthurs.com.

Say Hello to Our Newest Pastry Chef, Michelle Weber!

Michelle Walsh Head ShotWe’re excited to welcome Michelle Weber, our newest pastry chef, to the McArthur’s team! Michelle is working with us now at each of our locations, creating delicious desserts for you to enjoy.

Michelle, who was recently married, holds an associate’s degree in culinary arts. She has previous experience working as a manager, pastry artist, candy maker, and chef at various bakeries and businesses throughout St. Louis. While she enjoys several things about working with us, Michelle is particularly excited about the direction that we are headed in and is looking forward to what’s in store for us on the horizon!

So what’s Michelle’s favorite thing to make? Sweet treats! She enjoys making pastries and tweaking old recipes to come up with new, exciting combinations that everyone will love. She particularly excels in creams and caramels. “They’re so versatile and can be used in a lot of pastries!” she said.

Next time you stop by one of our locations, be sure to say “hello” to Michelle and enjoy one of her scrumptious sweets (or two)!

What Does Your Favorite Pie Flavor Say About You?

delicious looking photo of even more delicious chocolate cream pie

Ahh, pie. It’s one of America’s most beloved desserts, and everyone’s got a favorite. Pies come in all shapes and sizes, colors, flavors, and textures. Much like the people who love them, pies are unique and distinct in their own ways.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite pie flavor says about you? Check out our list of pies below to see what the pie you enjoy the most says about you and your personality!

Apple Pie – According to The American Pie Council (yes, that’s a real thing!), apple pie is the nation’s favorite pie. If you love the classic apple pie, it’s safe to say that you’re an independent and thoughtful individual. You’re realistic, grounded, and enjoy spending time outdoors. You also value tradition and enjoy spending quality time with your family and closest friends!

Blueberry Pie – Blueberry pie may be one of the easiest pies to make, but it can definitely be messy to eat. If you’re a blueberry pie lover, you’re more than likely a laid-back, fun-loving person who enjoys the simple things in life. You’re open-minded and warm, which is why so many people are easily drawn to you. You also more than likely don’t embarrass too easily and can be quick to laugh at yourself.

Cherry Pie – Love cherry pie? Then you’re probably full of fire and love excitement. Like the pie, you can be a little tart, and you’re confident in yourself. You aren’t afraid to stand out or to stand up for yourself. You love living life on the edge, and you turn heads no matter where you go!

Chocolate Cream Pie – Who doesn’t love a rich gourmet dessert? If you gravitate more toward a chocolate-based pie, then you’re more than likely rich in personality. You’re a very genuine, caring person and a true romantic and adventurer at heart. You’re also a loyal, compassionate friend and tend to be the one people go to when they need comfort or reassurance. You’re a giving person who does everything for others out of genuine love and concern.

Key Lime Pie – Got a penchant for key lime pie? You’re probably someone who wishes it were summer all year long. You love getting outside and soaking up the sun (preferably on the beach!). You seek adventure wherever you go, and you tend to be the life of the party!

Lemon Meringue Pie – If you’re a fan of lemon meringue pie, then there’s no doubt that you are a bubbly person full of sunshine and optimism! You brighten up the room as soon as you walk in, and you tend to love fun pops of color in your wardrobe and decorations. You’re full of surprises and are an energetic soul with a zest for fun.

Peach Pie – Is peach pie more up your alley? Then you’re someone who loves a good challenge. You’re smart, open-minded, and a true thinker. You love learning, and you’re someone who’s willing to learn from their mistakes. You have an uncanny ability to win people over, get along easily with others, and are determined to succeed in life!

Pecan Pie – People with a penchant for pecan pie are probably very thoughtful and analytical. You are very rational and give great advice, which is why many of your family members and friends come to you with their problems and worries. You’re friendly, caring, and kind to all you meet, and you are an indispensible friend!

Pumpkin Pie – Hey, pumpkin pie isn’t just for Thanksgiving! In fact, it’s the nation’s 2nd favorite pie right after the classic apple pie. If you love pumpkin pie, then you more than likely enjoy peaceful activities and living in a calm environment. Drama isn’t your thing, but curling up next to a fire with a good book and your favorite blanket sure is. You are effortlessly elegant, reliable, and enjoy your “me” time quite a bit!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie – Are you a fan of strawberry rhubarb pie? Then you’re a free spirit who welcomes change and loves getting involved in creative projects. You’re a bit of an old soul and love nostalgic pieces, and you especially enjoy merging the old with the new to bring about fresh, contemporary ideas.

What’s your favorite pie? Come in to McArthur’s Bakery & Café, and you’re sure to find yours! If not, place an order, and we’ll provide you with the freshest pie you’ll ever savor! Call us today at (314) 894-0900 or visit us online at www.mcarthurs.com for more information!

10 Tips for Throwing the Best Graduation Party Ever

table full of food and graduation goodies

Graduation season is finally upon us! Whether your child is about to graduate from high school or college, this is a special time to celebrate all of their achievements. What better way to do that than with a party they’ll remember forever?!

Not sure where to start? Here are 10 tips to give your graduate a fun, memorable party!

Set a Date Now – Before you do anything else, choose a date for your graduate’s party. Make sure to tell him or her so they can let their friends know, and tell your family members as well. Many families throw graduation parties in May, so you may want to consider celebrating in early June!

Go All Out With the Decorations – Whether you choose to hold the party at your home or at a special venue, it’s time to stock up on all the right decorations! Grab balloons and streamers in your graduate’s school colors or his or her favorite color. Consider adding in a poster or scrapbook that your graduate’s friends and family members can sign and personalize at the party as well!

Choose the Right Food – Your graduate and guests will more than likely be walking around socializing, so it’s best to have easy-to-grab food to munch on during the party. Finger foods like triangle sandwiches, fruits and veggies, tasty meat skewers, chips and dips, Chex mix, pretzels, and pizza are all great food choices! Hint, hint: try setting up a few different food stations so your guests don’t have to wait in line for their food!

It’s All About the Desserts – Don’t forget to serve up some sweet treats to your graduate and guests! Cupcakes and cookies are always a hit, or you can choose to serve a few delectable pies or a variety of donuts. Don’t forget the graduation cake – it’s a must!

Provide Awesome Outdoor Games – Does it look like good weather for your graduate’s party? Then bring some of the celebration outside! Outdoor games are always fun to play – we recommend oversized Jenga, washers, cornhole, or Twister!

Crank Up Some Great Tunes – Don’t forget to set the right mood for the party! Ask your graduate to create a playlist of songs, which can include their favorite tunes, some great dance songs, the school’s fight song, and meaningful songs that remind them of all the good times from school.

Test Your Guests’ Knowledge – If it looks like rainy weather or if you’re looking for another fun activity for your graduate’s guests to try out, make up a trivia quiz about the graduate! Offer a fun prize to the person who has the most correct answers!

Create a Memory Wall – Let your graduate and his or her friends reminisce about the good old days with a fun memory wall! Display pictures of their first days of high school or college, prom, homecoming, fun times in between, football games, band concerts, and, of course, their graduation day.

Take Pictures – You may choose to display memories, but don’t forget to take pictures of the day! You can go around and take pictures yourself, set up disposable cameras, or better yet, set up a photo booth or selfie station for guests to enjoy! These pictures will give your graduate fond memories to look back on for years to come.

Set Up an Advice Jar – Place a jar somewhere special, along with pieces of paper and pens. Ask guests to write down pieces of advice to the graduate and place the notes in the jar. Your graduate can read them later as they prepare for the next chapter in his or her life!

Let McArthur’s help make your graduate’s party a memorable celebration with our fresh, delectable cakes and desserts! Stop by one of our locations in St. Louis or call us at (314) 894-0900 to learn more.

Life’s a Picnic! 7 Tips to Help You Celebrate National Picnic Day on April 23

National Picnic Day

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! The warmer temperatures and sunny days that have graced us here in St. Louis make it absolutely perfect for enjoying a meal outdoors with our friends and family. What better time to do that than on Sunday, April 23 – National Picnic Day?!

From a casual light meal to a fun barbecue, picnics are the perfect time to spend time with friends, catch up with family, or enjoy a romantic date with your significant other. Here are 7 tips to help you celebrate National Picnic Day this year!

Find Your Favorite Spot – It could be a local park in town, a breezy waterfront locale, or a scenic spot with picnic tables. Just remember that you’ll need to haul all of your goodies to and from your spot, so try not to go too remote! We recommend a location that has plenty of shady trees or shelters to keep you comfy and cool.

Bring the Necessities – That means bringing a nice blanket, a sturdy picnic basket, plates, napkins, and wet naps. It might be a good idea to bring along sunscreen and bug spray as well!

Make It Easy – Avoid choosing messy, sticky foods like tacos, pasta, and foods covered in sauce. Instead, choose foods that are simpler. You really can’t go wrong with a loaf of freshly-baked bread, your favorite cheese, a bottle of chilled wine, and fresh fruit!

Tailor It to the Time – Planning on a breakfast picnic? Fresh fruit, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, donuts, and coffee would be perfect to pack! More of an evening picnic? The standard bottle of wine, cheese, and bread would be more fitting.

Bring Some Games with You – Consider bringing a fun activity for you and your friends or date to enjoy! A card game or small board game, a Frisbee, or lawn games are all good choices and can make the day even more memorable.

Book It – Do you and your friends enjoy books? Bring a few good books with you in your picnic basket! If your significant other enjoys reading, you can always enjoy his or her company over a good book and delicious food.

Take It Inside – If the weather doesn’t hold up, don’t let it rain on your parade. Instead, have a picnic at home! You can have all of your favorite foods with you on the floor of your living room or out on your deck. Best of all, you’ll have a sink nearby for easy cleanup!

Don’t forget to stop by McArthur’s Bakery Café to pick up all of your favorite picnic essentials! We have the freshest, tastiest breads, pastries, donuts, sandwiches, and more! Call us at (314) 894-0900 or visit us at www.mcarthurs.com to learn more.

Make Easter a Complete Hit With These Delicious Brunch, Dinner, and Dessert Ideas!

Easter meal ideas

Easter is just around the corner! Do you know what your plans are yet? Maybe you’re meeting up with some friends for a scrumptious brunch. Perhaps you’re inviting your family over for a wholesome Easter dinner. Or maybe you just want to have your friends over to enjoy a smorgasbord of Easter-themed desserts.

Whatever your plans are for Easter this year, make sure that you impress your guests with some delicious, easy-to-make concoctions. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for brunch, dinner, and dessert!

Easter Brunch

Light and Lovely – Keep your Easter meal simple yet delicious this year! Serve a juicy roasted chicken with a fresh fruit salad or asparagus pasta for a tasty, easy meal. Top it off with cucumber finger sandwiches, hot herbal tea, and lavender cookies for dessert!

Delicate and Festive – Enjoy a more refined Easter brunch with an easy-to-prepare yet tantalizing menu! Serve prosciutto and melon salad with cantaloupe vinaigrette, potato and leek cakes, sautéed green beans with bacon, and lemon-blueberry poppy seed muffins.

Brunch Buffet – Go all out with a springy brunch buffet! Let your guests choose between ham and lamb, and serve a roasted vegetable medley, freshly-made bread, fruit salad, spring rolls, and a dessert selection of your favorite fruit pie, angel food cake, and Easter-themed cookies. Delicious!

Easter Dinner

Seasonal and Sumptuous – Welcome spring by choosing seasonal foods to serve during your Easter dinner. We’re thinking juicy glazed ham, watercress-buttermilk soup, salad, and fluffy bread rolls. It’s sure to be a hit!

Fancy and Satisfying – Impress your guests with a plethora of savory and seasonal food this Easter! Your menu can include brown sugar and mustard-glazed ham, green beans with toasted garlic and almonds (way better than green bean casserole – trust us), herbed potatoes au gratin, and hot cross buns.

Traditional Feast – Not everyone likes fancy faire. A traditional, no-fuss Easter dinner can help solve all of your picky-eater problems! Bake a delicious ham, serve up mashed potatoes or potatoes au gratin, roasted asparagus, and top it all off with hot-out-of-the-oven dinner rolls.

Easter Desserts

Cream Cheese Swirled Carrot Cake Bars – Make a dessert that will make the Easter Bunny jealous! These yummy carrot cake bars are easy to make and perfect for Easter! Try the recipe here! (https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/cream-cheese-swirled-carrot-cake-bars/c1a65bbb-39aa-402e-94d1-391dcc7c9605)

Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake – Lemon and blueberry combine to make a savory springtime cake that will leave your guests wanting more! Choose to frost it with a buttercream frosting, or you can leave the sides exposed so everyone can see the gorgeous layers. Check out the recipe here! (http://www.womansday.com/food-recipes/food-drinks/recipes/a13417/lemon-blueberry-layer-cake-recipe-wdy0414/)

Sunflower Peeps Cake – What’s better than chocolate and Peeps? Not much! This tasty cake resembles a beautiful sunflower with rows of yellow Peeps that resemble eye-catching flower petals. Place chocolate chips in a circular pattern to give the illusion of seeds in the middle of the flower. Don’t worry – this may look intimidating to make, but it’s very easy AND delicious! Get the recipe here! (http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/peeps-sunflower-cake)

Of course, you can always wow your guests without having to lift a finger. Just come in to McArthur’s Bakery Café and find the perfect Easter desserts and food for your Easter meal! Call us today at (314) 894-0900 to learn more or to place your order!

Savor Delicious, Locally-Made Park Avenue Coffee at McArthur’s!

Park Avenue Coffee logo and cup

What’s better than starting your day with a rich cup of your favorite coffee? Not much! In fact, we dare say that the only thing better is enjoying a perfectly-brewed cup of Joe made here in St. Louis. That’s why McArthur’s is proud to source our coffee from Park Avenue Coffee!

As you may know, Park Avenue Coffee is a locally-owned St. Louis café that started out in the historical and beautiful Lafayette Square. They became known throughout the city for air roasting all of their coffees, which brings out the most out of each and every bean. When you order a Park Avenue coffee, you know that you’re in for a bold, unique taste that will awaken your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

At McArthur’s, you can savor a wide variety of Park Avenue-sourced coffees and drinks, including hot and iced coffees, espresso, and several types of lattes. You can also kick back and enjoy one of the best cups of hot tea around or a delicious mocha, caramel, or vanilla frappe. Whatever you choose, you just can’t go wrong! Oh, and don’t forget to treat yourself to a freshly-baked McArthur’s pastry while you’re at it!

So what are you waiting for? Come in and see for yourself why McArthur’s Bakery & Café and Park Avenue Coffee make such a dynamic duo!

6 Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Party Tips to Help You Celebrate in Style

green top hat surrounded by green shamrock confetti

St. Patrick’s Day is only a few weeks away, but there’s still plenty of time to help you organize a fun-filled party for you and your friends and family! Whether you want to celebrate your Irish heritage or just want to have a good time with your friends, St. Patrick’s Day is always the perfect time to get together and celebrate the Irish spirit.

Not sure where to begin? Lucky you! We have 6 handy tips to help you celebrate St. Paddy’s Day this year:

Go Green – It just isn’t a St. Patrick’s Day party without some green! Make sure that you and your guests participate in “the wearing of the green” this year. Get creative and dress up like a leprechaun, a living shamrock, a banshee, or any other Irish get-up. Give your guests an extra incentive and hand out a prize for the most festive-looking guest!

Bring the Irish Vibe Inside – Don’t forget to jazz up your place before the party starts! Hang cut-outs of shamrocks, leprechauns, and rainbows on the ceiling, and bedeck your space with green, white, and orange helium balloons to represent the Irish flag. Shamrock-shaped party lights strewn in the kitchen and dining room can also make your home feel more festive! Oh, and don’t forget to include bowls full of snacks. We particularly like including those gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins!

Pump Up the Irish Jams – The appropriate music can really bring your party to life, so don’t forget to make a festive playlist! You can include classic Irish tunes like “Danny Boy,” some traditional Irish jigs, or go a bit more modern and out-of-the-box with bands like Afro Celt Sound System to get your guests dancing.

Search for Treasure – Looking for a fun activity to do? Hold a treasure hunt for your guests! Come up with clever clues to help them find the treasure, and hide it somewhere in your home. We suggest hiding it inside the bowl of foil-wrapped gold chocolate coins!

Speak as the Irish Do – Add a bit of Irish fun to your party by using some typical Irish phrases! Greet your friends by saying “What’s the craic?” meaning “What’s up?” Toast each other by shouting, “Slainte!” (pronounced “slaan-sha”), which means, “I drink to your health!” And don’t forget “Erin go Bragh” – Gaelic for “Ireland forever!” You can print these and other fun phrases out and place them around your home for your guests to try out themselves!

Indulge in Irish Faire – The best part about a party (aside from hanging out with your friends and loved ones) is hands-down the food! You can either choose to go a bit more formal and provide some slow-cooked corned beef and potatoes, or you can keep it casual with corned beef sliders and plenty of green appetizers, dips, and vegetables. Fresh Irish soda bread is a must, along with shamrock-shaped cookies and cupcakes! For drinks, create fun shamrock shakes by combining mint, chocolate, milk, and maybe a little bit of green food coloring. For the adults, be sure to provide your favorite Irish beers, whiskey, and Irish coffee!

Let McArthur’s help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. We have plenty of delicious, freshly-baked St. Paddy’s Day treats and desserts for you to savor, including cookies, cupcakes, pies, and more! Visit one of our four locations today to get yours!

5 Fun Facts about Mardi Gras You Might Not Know

green, purple, and gold beads

What do you think about when you hear the words “Mardi Gras”? Maybe you have visions of green, gold, and purple flash through your mind or picture a brazen parade full of people joyfully tossing beads to onlookers. Perhaps you conjure images of delicious desserts like King’s cake, which you can indulge in all day long. Whatever comes to mind, you know that Mardi Gras is a day that’s focused on having a good time before Ash Wednesday and Lent begin.

Here are some fun facts that you might not know about Mardi Gras!

It’s Also Called Pancake Day – In some other countries like Ireland, England, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, Mardi Gras is often called Pancake Day. The name came about because it was seen as a chance for revelers to use up their flour, eggs, and sugar before Lent, and pancakes were a popular choice. People in these countries partake in pancakes and enjoy pancake-themed activities during Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Is More Than 400 Years Old – Back in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII added Mardi Gras to the calendar (yes, the Gregorian Calendar) on the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras has been celebrated in the United States since the 1730s, with particularly large celebrations in Mobile, Alabama, New Orleans, and, of course, St. Louis!

There’s Meaning in the Colors – You probably already know that the official colors of Mardi Gras are purple, gold, and green, but did you know that they were chosen for very specific reasons? The king of the first daytime carnival in 1872 chose purple, which stood for justice, gold, which represented power, and green, which symbolized faith. The king would then throw beads in these colors to those whom he thought fit the meaning! Now, however, beads are tossed freely to onlookers.

It’s the Law to Wear Masks on Floats – When people began celebrating Mardi Gras, they would wear masks to protect their identities. Now, those who ride on the floats must wear masks under law!

King’s Cake Is the Dessert of Choice – While partygoers enjoy several special desserts during Mardi Gras, King’s cake is the most popular, especially here in the United States. This circular dessert is usually decorated in purple, green, and gold and has a tiny baby hidden somewhere inside. It is said that whoever discovers the baby will have good luck for the remainder of the year!

Mardi Gras is February 28 this year, which means that there’s still plenty of time to find all of the themed pastries and desserts you could possibly want for your friends, family, or coworkers (or even just for yourself!). Come in to McArthur’s Bakery Café to find your Mardi Gras desserts today!

9 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

small, cute succulents

There are several ways that you can thank your wedding guests for coming to your big day. One of the best ways is by presenting them with a thoughtful wedding favor. The trouble is often it can be quite hard to figure out exactly what you want to give them. Should it be food-based? Maybe something they can use around the house? Or should it be something more on the sentimental side?

If you’re feeling stuck, don’t worry! We came up with 9 unique wedding favor ideas that will help you impress your guests and give them a memory they will cherish for years. Read about them below!

Personalized Tea Packets or Coffee Beans – Are you and your fiancé coffee connoisseurs or tea lovers? Share the love by creating your very own handmade packages that include your favorite blends and flavors! Your guests can enjoy them when they get home.

Cute Succulents – Give your guests the lasting gift of a succulent! Every time they see them at home, they will fondly remember your wedding day and the fun times they had. You can find tiny, hardy, and beautiful succulents for a good price in several local stores!

Totally Awesome Tote Bags – Here’s a favor idea that can be both cute and functional! Create a fun design on the bag and add you and your beau’s names, your wedding date, and the place you’ll be getting married. It’s eco-friendly and perfect for running errands around town!

Paper Fans – Will your wedding take place in the summer? Summer days might feel like a memory now in the middle of winter, but those hot days will be upon us soon. Hand out colorful fans as the perfect wedding favor. Not only will they help your guests stay cool, but they’re also really fun to dance with!

Seed (Packets) of Love – Fill some boxes with flower seeds or fruit and veggie seeds to hand out to your guests. They can plant them when spring arrives and watch the plants blossom and grow!

Parasols – If your wedding will take place outdoors, parasols can be fun and useful gifts to give your guests! They can also be kept as a useful keepsake for future days spent in the sun.

Hot Chocolate Jar – Give your guests a fun treat that they can savor during the fall or winter! Include layers of rich, creamy chocolate with marshmallows and powdered cocoa. Don’t forget to personalize it with a tag or sticker commemorating your wedding!

Keepsake Hankies – Let’s face it – a lot of people cry at weddings and other happy occasions. Help your guests dry their eyes with designed DIY handkerchiefs! This thoughtful gift will come in handy at your wedding and will bring them comfort during other future events.

Show ‘em S’more Love – Who doesn’t love s’mores? Create a little s’mores package, which is just perfect for campfires and breezy autumn nights. Use chocolate, marshmallow, and mini graham crackers to create a recipe for happiness!

You know, even cookies, donuts, and pies make great wedding favors, too! Shower your guests with only the best – come in to McArthur’s Bakery Café, and we’ll hook you up with the tastiest, most savory desserts in St. Louis!

Salads Don’t Have to Be Boring at McArthur’s!

creamy Caesar salad at McArthur's

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? If you’ve aimed to eat healthier foods and live a fit lifestyle, you’re probably working on eating more salads. If you’re trying to include salads in your daily diet, you might be starting to get sick of them. If this sounds like you, then we have the perfect solution for you! Give boring salads the boot by chowing down at McArthur’s!

Listen, salads don’t have to be a sad mix of lettuce, tomatoes, and croutons. You don’t have to settle for mediocre meals! Check out our zesty and flavorful Harvest Salad, which features balsamic dressing, fresh lettuce, blue cheese, spiced candied walnuts, dried apricots, red onions, and toasted sunflower seeds. This salad is sure to be a treat for your taste buds!

Want something that’s a bit more seasonal? Try our very own Winter Salad! You can enjoy a delicious medley of arugula, butternut squash, cranberries, pecans, Parmesan cheese, and balsamic dressing. It’s the perfect salad to keep you full, give you plenty of energy, and allow you to savor the unique flavors of winter!

Feeling like something more on the simple side? We’ve got you covered with our Caesar Salad! Savor a fresh mix of romaine lettuce, house-made croutons, shaved red onions, shredded Parmesan cheese, and creamy Caesar dressing. Trust us, it’s not your ordinary Caesar salad!

Oh, and don’t forget, all of our salads are proudly made with fresh, local ingredients. That goes the same for our other goodies, including our sandwiches, pastries, soups, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Come on over to one of our four locations and enjoy one of our filling, delicious salads today!

Our Healthy Menu Items Can Help You Reach Your New Year’s Goals!

McArthur's healthy Fall Salad which features a delicious medley of arugula, butternut squash, cranberries, pecans, Parmesan cheese, and balsamic dressing.

Happy New Year! We hope that you’ve had a fantastic holiday season full of laughter and fun. Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to get serious – serious about your New Year’s resolutions, that is! Is your goal to lose weight or get fit? Are you aiming to becoming more mindful of your food choices this year? If so, McArthur’s has you totally covered. We have several new healthy menu items to help you reach your goals this year!

First, start the day off right by enjoying our sweet and sumptuous fruit and yogurt parfait. This delectable meal will keep you full and give you all the energy you will need for the entire morning.

In the mood for a sandwich? Don’t let that sad half sandwich of peanut butter and jelly make the cut! Instead, savor our grilled chicken sandwich, which is marinated and comes with tomato, pickles, and dill aioli. We think that’s a much tastier (and healthier) choice than a boring PB&J!

Want something on the vegetarian side? Our Veg Head, which features cucumber, tomato, pickled onion, arugula, Swiss cheese, and miso-mustard dressing on whole wheat Pullman, is sure to delight! Walk on the wild side with our Mofu Tofu, which includes local tofu, roasted red peppers, Swiss cheese, banana peppers, and chipotle dressing!

If you want to warm up with a healthy soup, then you seriously need to try our Hearty Beef Stew. Comprised of tender beef chuck, mirepoix, tomatoes, snow peas, red potatoes, and Italian spices, this dish is sure to fill you up and keep you warm even after you go for your daily run in the cold. For a vegan-friendly soup, try our Vegan Butternut Squash Soup! You’ll enjoy fresh roasted butternut squash, carrots, coconut milk, turmeric, 5 spice, and a tangy hint of lime. You won’t find anything this delicious anywhere else!

Looking to get more salads in your life? We have salads aplenty! Our famous Fall Salad features a delicious medley of arugula, butternut squash, cranberries, pecans, Parmesan cheese, and balsamic dressing. Try something a little different with our Harvest Salad, which includes balsamic, a lettuce mix, blue cheese, spiced candied walnuts, dried apricots, red onions, and toasted sunflower seeds. Of course, you can always enjoy our traditional Caesar Salad, made with romaine lettuce, house-made croutons, shaved red onions, shredded Parmesan cheese, and creamy Caesar dressing. Yum!

So what are you waiting for? Come into any of our 4 locations today and enjoy food that’s both delicious and good for you! Be sure to check out our full menu online at www.mcarthurs.com/menu.

Loyalty Has Many Rewards at McArthur’s!

McArthur's rewards program

Ever wanted to be rewarded for your loyalty at your favorite restaurants? Now you can at McArthur’s! When you join McArthur’s Rewards program, you will earn rewards for shopping at any McArthur’s location. The rewards that you earn can be put toward future purchases, making spending with us sweeter than ever!

For a little instant gratification, you can enjoy a free pastry of your choice by downloading our special app and signing up today! You can also receive up-to-date rewards and points, special offers, news on special events and happenings, and much more! Just download our app on the app store or on Google Play to get started. It’s fun, easy, FREE, and available right now!

Get rewarded for your loyalty – join McArthur’s Rewards program and start earning your rewards right now! Learn more by calling (314) 894-0900.

Check Out Our Amazing New Menu Items!

McArthur's fall menu items

Guess what? Your favorite local café has just added some all-new items to the menu! We have lots of new food and beverage items for you to enjoy. Whether you’re on your way to work, need something to warm you up on those cold winter days, or want to enjoy a delicious meal with a friend, there’s something for everyone at McArthur’s.

Sophisticated Sandwiches – In addition to some of our more famous sandwiches like the Lou and the California Club, we have a piled pastrami sandwich, made with Swiss cheese, tomato, and lettuce, served on whole wheat Pullman. Vegetarian? We have 2 different sandwiches for you to choose from! Our Veg Head sandwich is cold and refreshing, bedecked with cucumber, tomato, pickled onion, arugula, Swiss cheese, miso mustard dressing, all on whole wheat Pullman. For a warm treat, enjoy our Mofu Tofu, made with local tofu, roasted red peppers, Swiss cheese, banana peppers, and chipotle dressing. Of course, you can still enjoy The Basics – turkey, ham and Swiss, or roast beef – which come with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and pickles.

Savory Soups and Salads – We are so excited to debut our special Fall Salad, which is a delicious medley of arugula, butternut squash, cranberries, pecans, parmesan cheese, and balsamic dressing. You can also enjoy our savory Harvest Salad and Caesar Salad, or choose from one of our new soups! Our Hearty Beef Stew, made with beef, mirepoix, tomatoes, snow peas, red potatoes, and Italian spices, is sure to warm you right up. For a soup chock full of vegetables, try our Vegan Butternut Squash, which boasts roasted butternut squash, carrots, coconut milk, turmeric, 5 spice, and lime!

Amazing New Coffee – We heard you loud and clear, so now we’re proud to source coffee from local café Park Avenue Coffee! Enjoy hot or iced coffees, including café latte, café mocha, vanilla latte, caramel latte, chai tea latte, and, of course, espresso. You can also savor our iced coffee, amazing hot tea, and mocha, caramel, and vanilla frappes. Yum!

Sweet Smoothies – Yep, we’ve started offering delicious smoothies! Come on in and choose from four different flavors: strawberry banana, 4 Berry Blast, carrot ginger orange, and mango. Even if it’s cold outside, there’s always time to have a revitalizing smoothie!

Try these awesome new items today when you visit one of our four locations! You can learn more about us and what we offer by visiting us at www.mcarthurs.com. See you soon!

9 Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Wedding Cake

wedding cake dos and don'ts

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a couple of big priorities you need to take care of – the venue, the dress, and, of course, the cake. If you find yourself stressing out about what kind of cake you’ll want or if you don’t know where to start, look no further! McArthur’s Bakery Café has the ultimate wedding cake guide to make creating your perfect cake a cinch. Read on for our tips below!

Keep It Consistent With Your Wedding Style – Once you’ve selected your venue, your dress, and perhaps the flower arrangements, it’s time to decide what your cake will look like. It’s best to try to have a cake that’s compatible with the look you’re trying to achieve. Try coming to your cake consultation with an idea of what you’d like to see! You don’t have to have a detailed sketch prepared, but you can bring along some inspiration like a swatch of lace from your dress or a photo of the venue.

Have a Budget in Mind – Wedding cake is typically priced by the slice, so the cost can vary. Figure out how many guests you will be inviting and take a look at your budget before you draw up your dream wedding cake. As a rule of thumb, 3 tiers will usually serve 50-100 guests.

Consider Height and Space – Where will your wedding reception be held? You should try to make your wedding cake fit the venue as well – literally. If you’ll be having it in a grand ballroom, you may want a cake that is large as well. If the setting is smaller and more intimate, a tinier cake can look appropriate and elegant.

Choose the Flavor YOU Want – That’s right. It’s your wedding – you should have your favorite flavor featured in your wedding cake! You can go with the classics of vanilla and/or chocolate, of course, but don’t be afraid to stray from the norms and check out other flavors as well. Don’t forget to sample fillings, too!

Pick the Right Frosting – When it comes to frosting, you will typically need to choose between buttercream- or fondant-based frostings. Fondant usually looks fancier and sleeker while buttercream has a divine taste. Whichever type of frosting you choose, your cake will look beautiful and will taste amazing, too!

Consider Weather Conditions – This is especially important if you’re having an outdoor wedding, particularly during the summer. Keep in mind that whipped cream, buttercream, and meringue have the tendency to melt. If you aren’t sure how to navigate through this area, your baker can present you with some temperature-friendly options that may not require refrigeration!

Top It Off – Don’t forget about your cake topper! You don’t have to do plastic figurines if you don’t want to either – there are several ways you can make your cake as unique and beautiful as you and your wedding! Use an heirloom piece, opt for a bouquet of sugar flowers, or even a sugar block carved with your new monograms. Don’t want a topper? That’s okay! In fact, some designs look absolutely stunning without a topper!

Put a Delivery Plan in Place – Cake delivery can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a detailed plan in place. It takes coordination, a timeline, and usually a refrigerated van. Discuss all of the delivery details with your baker before you sign the contract. This will put you at ease on your big day!

Let It Shine on the Big Day – You’ve gone through all of the hard work of planning your wedding cake, so put it on display before you cut it! Give the cake a designated, well-lit table. Everyone will want to see what it looks like and also know where to go whenever it’s time for dessert, after all!

Ready to get started? Call the experts at McArthur’s Bakery Café at (314) 894-0900 for a free consultation! Learn more about us by visiting www.mcarthurs.com.

Pre-Order Your Holiday Goodies Now at McArthur’s!

holiday preorders McArthur's

Do you have any plans for the upcoming holiday season? Are you tired of always having to make countless pies and sweets for your family and friends? Does the thought of buying mediocre store-bought holiday treats fill you with dread? If so, we have the perfect solution – preorder all of your holiday goodies here at McArthur’s Bakery Café!

That’s right – you can begin placing your orders for all of your favorite holiday desserts and treats right now! Savor and share heavenly pumpkin or apple pie on Thanksgiving Day. Bring amazing homemade donuts to any of your office holiday parties. Share the freshest, most mouth-watering bread imaginable with your family and friends during any of your Yuletide celebrations. And of course, don’t forget to celebrate St. Louis with the city’s signature dessert – gooey butter cake! You won’t find a more decadent gooey butter cake than here at McArthur’s!

Don’t wait! Place your orders now for all of your favorite holiday desserts! Call us with your order at (314) 894-0900 or stop by one of our four locations to submit your holiday order today!

Need Catering? Wow the Crowd With McArthur’s Bakery Café!


Do you have a big business meeting coming up soon? Will you be hosting an open house event or another special corporate event? While you might be busy planning the event itself, you should pay close attention to the part that everyone is especially interested in – the food!

Looking to impress your clients with amazing food like no other? McArthur’s Bakery Café can cater to your needs at your place of business! We have countless mouth-watering selections for you to choose from. Make your morning meeting a hit with our catered breakfast, featuring our Good Morning Sampler, yogurt parfait breakfast bar, or bagels and cream cheese. Thinking more about lunch? Our lunch buffet features several delicious choices, including our basic, classic, and signature sandwich samplers, fresh side choices, and your favorite desserts! We are also proud to serve platters and bowls, including our fresh fruit platter of seasonal fruits, salads, and sandwich platters for your convenience.

Oh, and we have the most delectable boxed sandwiches for your guests! Each is individually wrapped and includes your choice of a side and a sweet treat. Choose from turkey, ham, or roast beef with your choice of cheese, bread, and condiments, or nosh on one of our signature sandwiches, including The Lou, the California Club, or the Simple Salami. Don’t forget to top it all off with the city’s best sweet treats, including our signature sweets tray, Euro dessert tray, or our assorted cookie trays!

Please be sure to place your catering order by 4 p.m. on the business day prior to our delivery or pickup. We will be ready with your requests on the following business day!

Please be sure to email any questions or requests you may have at catering@mcarthurs.com or call us at 314-894-0900 to set up your appointment today!

6 Autumnal Wedding Trends You’ll Fall for in 2016

fall wedding trends

As the weather chills and the heat of summer fades away, we welcome the fall season with open arms and gear up for long nights full of apple cider, bonfires, S’mores, and hot chocolate. With the change in season also come new trends for fall weddings, and we’re loving what we’re seeing! Here are 6 amazing trends that are making waves for fall weddings this year:

Romantic Lighting – This fall, couples are embracing warm, romantic lighting thoughtfully placed throughout their venues. Celebrating inside? Try lighting up the atmosphere with candles and Edison bulbs. Tying the knot outdoors? Think hanging branch globes and string lights to create a warm, glowing environment.

Celebrate Indoors AND Outdoors – Speaking of location, fall is just too beautiful of a season to keep yourself and your guests inside all day and night. Make the most of the gorgeous fall weather by choosing to celebrate both inside and outside! Try to select a venue that will allow you space both indoors and outdoors. You can use the outdoor space for unique photo shoots with props or host a hot chocolate station!

Homemade Details – This fall, we are seeing more homemade, thoughtful details being used in weddings across the nation. You can easily include this touch with your wedding favors! Try creating bags to hold biscuits and jam or another homemade and hearty treat for guests to enjoy during or after your wedding.

Dark Colors, Warm Neutrals – It’s time to say goodbye to the light and airy pastels from the summer and say hello to dark, brooding tones. We’re thinking plum, maroon, midnight blue, and burnt orange. You can also include warm neutrals like warm grays or a metallic gold to complement these romantic colors.

Autumnal Flowers and Décor – Fall is the perfect time to step away from the roses and peonies and try something a little different. Mums, dahlias, and even stunning chrysanthemums are wonderful fall flowers to include in your bouquet or decorations. Don’t forget to tie in a few traditional fall wedding details like pumpkins and leaves for a rustic, seasonal look!

Decadent, Rich Desserts – Last but definitely not least, wedding cakes and desserts are steering away from light flavors of citrus and fruit to a heavier, richer treat that guests will savor to the very last bite. Naked spice cakes filled with warm salted caramel are perfect for celebrating your autumnal nuptials! Give the cake that fall-like feel by decorating it with figs or orange and red leaves. Not a fan of cake or want to do something unique? Break with tradition and have a pie buffet or donuts with hot apple cider instead!

Now that you have some great ideas to prepare your fall wedding, be sure to come see the experts at McArthur’s Bakery Café to create the wedding cake or dessert of your dreams! We promise, our creations are totally Pinterest-worthy.

This Just In! McArthur’s Gooey Butter Cake Makes Headlines on CNN!

gooey butter cake

Have you heard the exciting news? McArthur’s Bakery Café’s gooey butter cake has just been named as one of the richest original desserts by CNN! We are so excited and honored to have one of our desserts be recognized, especially when it’s one of St. Louis’s most iconic and delicious desserts!

If you’re not familiar with this famous dessert’s history, the legend goes like this: during the 1930s, a local baker in the Midwest accidentally messed up the proportions of the ingredients needed to create a more traditional cake. The baker decided that the end result was still worth eating and celebrating, and we’re so glad that it happened!

Fast-forward to 80 years in the future, and the gooey butter cake has been one of the top sought-after desserts in the St. Louis region. In fact, it’s been a customer favorite here at McArthur’s for at least half a century! You can find our gooey butter cakes here at our store in even in grocery and specialty shops around the region, too. Oh, and we don’t just make the original gooey butter cake either – we’ve broadened our palette and have created chocolate chip, brownie, and cherry variations of this irresistible dessert! We also aren’t afraid to make gooey butter wedding cakes, too (we get a lot of orders for that, believe it or not!).

Have we got your mouth watering? Come on in anytime at McArthur’s Bakery Café to get your hands on the most delicious regional dessert in the Lou!

6 Awesomely Autumnal Holidays to Celebrate This Fall

fall holidays

It’s September, and you know what that means – yes, fall is on its way in just a few short weeks! This year, fall will arrive on Thursday, September 22, and from there, we will begin experiencing shorter daylight hours until we hit the Winter Solstice in December.

If you’re a fan of the fall season like we are, you’ll definitely want to celebrate the many holidays it has to offer! Here are 6 of the many holidays you can celebrate and enjoy during the fall season:

The Autumnal Equinox – September 22: The equinox might not be an official holiday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate it anyway! Welcome the season of fall by enjoying your favorite autumnal activities. Grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte to go and enjoy a piece of pumpkin bread. Take the time to admire your surroundings by taking a hike at your favorite park – take note of any color changes in the leaves! Finally, visit your local orchard and go apple picking, enjoy a hayride, or get lost in a corn maze!

National Dessert Day – October 14: What’s not to love about dessert?! October 14 is National Dessert Day, so be sure to indulge in your favorite desserts for the day or try something completely new! Create your own dessert with your family and friends, eat cake for the sake of the day, or savor a delicious cupcake, donut, or piece of pie at McArthur’s Bakery Café (because let’s face it, we have the best desserts!).

Halloween – October 31: Whether you’re in it for the sweet treats, the festive and funny costumes, or for all things spooky, Halloween is always a fun holiday to celebrate! Get some friends together and throw a Halloween party of your own! Bob for apples, make apple cider and pumpkin lattes, and have a pumpkin-carving contest or a costume contest! Give the winner a special sweet treat from McArthur’s. You can also create your very own haunted house or tell your favorite ghost stories around a campfire. Just don’t forget the s’mores and hot chocolate!

Día de los Muertos – November 1-2: Yes, Día de los Muertos is a two-day festival! This Mexican celebration, which correlates with All Saints Day and All Souls Day, honors and celebrates our beloved family and friends who have passed away with colorful altars bedecked with the deceased’s favorite foods and drinks. Remember your deceased loved ones by creating your own altar of their favorite foods and drinks, candles, marigolds, and sugar skulls! If you can, visit the graves of your deceased and take some time to silently remember and celebrate them. Wrap up the celebration by watching The Book of Life, a colorful rendition of Día de los Muertos, with your family and friends!

Veterans Day – November 11: Take time this fall to honor and celebrate members of our Armed Forces who served our country and fought to keep us safe. Visit a local veterans hospital or nursing homes and have a chat with some of the residents. Take care of our current soldiers by organizing a care packaging packing party for soldiers who are serving overseas. Know a veteran in the workplace? Acknowledge them and thank them for their service with a special treat. Have a neighbor who’s a veteran? Invite them over for a special home-cooked meal in honor of what they did for our country. An act of kindness is never forgotten is always a reason to celebrate!

Thanksgiving – November 24: This is the last big holiday to celebrate this fall before winter arrives. While it’s a major holiday, Thanksgiving tends to receive far less attention than Halloween and Christmas. Make it a celebration to remember by sharing a homemade meal with your family and friends, telling stories, and maybe watching the big game on TV later. Want to do something a little different? Volunteer at a local soup kitchen and serve others Thanksgiving Day dinner, hold a flag football game before your meal, or watch old home movies!

However you choose to celebrate the holidays this fall, McArthur’s Bakery Café has everything you need to make it a celebration worth remembering. Visit one of our four locations to find the best, freshest sweets, desserts, and pastries in St. Louis! Learn more about us by visiting us online at www.mcarthurs.com.

Awesome Food You Can Serve for Each of Your Wedding Celebrations

appropriate food for wedding celebrations

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten engaged! We have no doubts that you are beyond excited and are looking forward to your special day. Along with your wedding day, you should be able to enjoy yourself by celebrating with your family and friends in many other parties as well! And of course, a good party isn’t anything without good food – but where do you start? We’ve taken all of the tough work out of it for you! Here are some ideas of food you can serve at your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and your wedding reception!

Engagement Party – Gather your friends and family for a celebration shortly after you and your future spouse become engaged! You can reserve a venue for a party or choose to celebrate at home. Your food options are nearly endless as well from something as upscale as a private dinner to something as informal as a backyard barbecue or anything in between. If you want to cut back further on your expenses, you can opt for a simple menu like wine and cheese or coffee and cookies, or you can make it a potluck affair! Don’t forget some delicious sweets like cupcakes!

Bridal Shower – Bridal showers should feature tasty foods that you can eat easily while standing and chatting to others. Opt for finger foods like tea sandwiches, mini quiches, or even meatballs or kabobs. You can even go as exotic as maki rolls of sushi! Don’t forget to include plenty of fresh fruit, veggies with dip, and homemade punch for your guests to enjoy. And of course, no bridal shower is complete without yummy cake or cupcakes!

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties – Now’s the time to go all out and get a little more creative! The bachelor can enjoy some delicious steak, ribs, or bacon at his favorite restaurant or at his very own backyard barbecue. Pizza or a sit-down dinner with great food are also good options. For ladies, get the party started by fixing up the bachelorette’s favorite childhood recipe. Add some chocolate covered strawberries and chips and salsa, or veggies and dip for an awesome party! Finish it off with a cake in the shape of the bachelor’s favorite activity (like video games, hunting, or sports), and stiletto-shaped cupcakes for the bachelorette!

Wedding Reception – Finally, the big day has arrived! Depending on your wedding’s theme, feel, time, and location, you can have practically any type of menu for your guests to enjoy! For a more upscale wedding menu, feature a carving station with fresh bread, salad, and a main course of chicken, pork, fish, or beef. Simpler wedding menus can include more informal foods like fried chicken or tacos. Of course, it’s all about the wedding cake, so be sure to feature a delicious cake or pastry that everyone can enjoy and talk about for years to come!

Not sure where to get those cupcakes for your bridal shower or where to start on your dream wedding cake? Leave it all to the experts at McArthur’s Bakery Café! Stop by one of our four locations here in St. Louis, or learn more about us at www.mcarthurs.com!

Food Isn’t Good or Bad – It’s Part of the Celebration

food is part of the celebration

One of the greatest pleasures in life is sitting down and taking time to truly savor a delicious meal or a scrumptious snack. Some of the greatest memories we can build involve sharing a hearty meal with a good friend, celebrating a family member’s birthday or success with a sweet treat, or enjoying a piece of wedding cake at a close friend’s wedding reception. Unfortunately, we live in a society in which food can be seen as “good” or “bad.” We may shame ourselves (or others) if we were to allow ourselves to indulge in a piece of birthday cake or a donut for an event at work. We may ultimately see some of our favorite foods as “bad” and only feel worth if we only eat “good,” clean foods.

At McArthur’s Bakery Café, we don’t see food as good or bad. Rather, we see food as not only fuel but also part of the celebration. That’s why we make it our mission to provide you with real food made from real ingredients for health-conscious people and food lovers alike. Unlike other eateries, we will never shame you for your choices or try to sway you on what you should eat or what you should feed your children. We simply provide a wide array of delicious, quality food to fit any event or lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a clean and healthy option with unique ingredients or an historical, traditional treat like a Danish or a donut, we have something for everyone and items that fit your sophisticated palate. For those of you who have specific diet or lifestyle requirements, we are proud to create food that utilizes raw proteins, fresh vegetables, and unique combinations. You can kick back and enjoy our lighter fare, which is made with the freshest ingredients in the city.

We believe that Grandma was right when it comes to celebrating a special morning meal, holiday, or tradition with a donut, Danish, or other sweet treats. That’s why we get up bright and early each day to provide you with the freshest, most delicious pastries and treats. Whether you’re celebrating your child’s birthday or good grades, your spouse’s recent promotion, or a special holiday with your family, McArthur’s has the perfect pastry, pie, or cake for you.

We stand firm in our belief that food is neither inherently good nor bad – it’s simply part of life and part of your celebration. Celebrate the important events and every day life with delicious food at McArthur’s Bakery Café!

11 Unique Wedding Cake Flavors That Your Guests Will Remember for Years

neapolitan wedding cake

Your wedding cake should not only look beautiful, but it should also taste great! While you can definitely opt for low-key flavors like vanilla or chocolate wedding cake, why not get a little creative with your reception’s centerpiece?

If you’re not sure where to start, check out some of our wedding cake flavor ideas right here!

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake – Make your cake as sweet as your wedding vows! If you’re a fan of coconut, have a coconut cake with key lime filling. Top it all off with white buttercream fluff frosting to make a cake no one will soon forget!

Chocolate Almond Dream – If you’re a chocolate lover but want something a little different, try chocolate almond cake! You can eat with raspberry mousse filling or just enjoy it without any filling. A chocolate ganache frosting will bring the whole concept together.

Red Velvet Va-Va Voom – Love red velvet? Why not make a featured flavor for your wedding cake?! A red velvet cake goes great with vanilla buttercream or, for a more romantic flavor, chocolate mousse. We suggest pairing your red velvet cake with chocolate mousse filling and a rich vanilla buttercream frosting.

Nuts for Nutella – Are you and your future spouse fans of Nutella? Then a Nutella cake might be the perfect cake for you! Pair the rich Nutella cake with a hazelnut buttercream filling and top it off with a chocolate ganache frosting to leave your guests wanting more of this unique cake!

Lemon Love – For a tart treat, choose lemon cake! You can pair it with vanilla mousse filling and seal the deal with delicious lemon buttercream frosting.

Carrot Cake Craze – Carrot cakes make an absolutely amazing and satisfying wedding cake that your guests will love! Pair your carrot cake with cream cheese filling and either cream cheese or lavender buttercream frosting for a simply sumptuous dessert.

Chocolate Lover’s Delight – Can’t get enough chocolate in your life? Make a super-powered chocolate cake the star of your wedding reception! Chocolate cake paired with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate buttercream frosting is sure to delight any chocolate fan out there.

Pumpkin Spice Perfection – This is the perfect cake if you have a fall wedding coming up in just a few short months! Pumpkin spice totally encompasses the season of autumn. Make it just right by pairing it with pumpkin pie filling and cream cheese buttercream frosting.

Funfetti Celebration – You’ve probably enjoyed Funfetti birthday cakes before at least once in your life. Why not enjoy it on your big day, too? Your Funfetti cake – vanilla cake infused with sprinkles – will go great with vanilla buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream or fondant frosting. Don’t forget the sprinkles!

Say Cheesecake! For a different twist on the traditional wedding cake, choose rich, smooth, creamy cheesecake! This supremely rich cake can feature layers of cream cheese buttercream and gracious sprinkles of graham cracker crumbles. If you’d like frosting, we suggest white buttercream as the perfect finishing touch.

Neapolitan Surprise – Can’t decide which flavor to pick? We totally understand! That’s why we think a Neapolitan cake could be in your future. Your cake can have layered stacks of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cake, coupled with chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream, and fresh strawberry filling, respectively. Layer the cake with their respective flavors or choose a more neutral taste like a cream cheese frosting!

Whatever flavor you choose to go with – no matter how unique – McArthur’s Bakery Café can give you your dream wedding cake. Call us for a consultation today at (314) 894-0900 to get started!

Make Serving Your Guests a Piece of Cake at Your Wedding!

wedding cake serving guide

Besides the tear-jerking vows, the gorgeous dress, and, of course, the happy newly-wed couple, our favorite thing about weddings is no doubt the sumptuous, decadent wedding cake! We’re not alone either – just about everyone looks forward to enjoying a piece of wedding cake at the reception, including your guests. The only trouble is finding the right size of cake that will both serve each guest and satisfy your tastes (and your wallet!).

Luckily, making sure that each of your guests receives a piece of cake can be easy once you know how many guests each tier of your cake will serve. Just calculate how many guests are coming to your special day and configure the sizes of your cake tiers.

We have a handy cake-serving guide below that will help take all of the guesswork out! Additionally, we offer 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch tiers, which can be combined into various shapes and sizes to accommodate just about every guest list, no matter how lavish or intimate.

6-inch cake: serves approximately 10 guests

8-inch cake: serves between 20-24 guests

10-inch cake: serves between 30-38 guests

12-inch cake: serves between 45-56 guests

These tiers of cake can be combined so that you can get the perfect amount of cake to serve your guests.

Oh, and don’t forget to save the top tier of cake for yourself! This is traditionally meant for you and your spouse to enjoy, whether it’s the day after your wedding or on your one-year anniversary.

Need any help figuring how much cake you’ll need to serve? The experts at McArthur’s Bakery Café can make this process easy and painless! Call us today to schedule a consultation with us at (314) 894-0900.

7 Awesome Groom’s Cake Ideas That Your Groom and Guests Will Love!

Portal groom's cake

The tradition of the groom’s cake can be traced back to the Victorian era in England. In those times, it was customary to have not only the main wedding cake, but also a groom’s cake and a smaller bride’s cake. The two smaller cakes were sliced and served to the groomsmen and bridesmaids at the end of the wedding.

The groom’s cake popularity has remained intact and has endured in the U.S., especially in the South. Many brides like the idea of having a groom’s cake because it is traditionally seen as a gift from the bride to the groom – a gift that reflects his personality and interests in his favorite cake flavor. The cake can be as elaborate and elegant as the wedding cake itself or it can be a much more simple design. Just about anything goes for the groom’s cake!

If you’re thinking about having a groom’s cake for your wedding but aren’t sure where to start, here are 7 great groom’s cake ideas for you to chew on!

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Dare to Be Different! 8 Crazy Wedding Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind!

crazy wedding cake

You’ve got the dress, secured the venue, and have a sizeable guest list that you’re working on for your wedding. Have you decided on a cake yet?

If you’re not feeling any of the traditional wedding cakes and want to really wow your guests or enjoy a cake to remember for years to come, why not try something a bit out-of-the-box? Check out these 8 crazy wedding cake ideas to find the perfect wedding cake for your special day!

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Say “I Do” to These 8 Not-So-Traditional Alternatives to Wedding Cakes!

non traditional wedding cakes

If you’re planning your wedding this year, you know that one of the biggest parts to figure out is the dessert, which is typically the traditional wedding cake. While countless brides are dreaming up their ideal wedding cake for their weddings, there are several others who are taking their tasty desserts in a totally different (and still delicious) direction.

If you’re not a big fan of wedding cake (or simply can’t choose the flavor to feature) or if you want to do something unique and memorable for your wedding, look no further! Here are 8 yummy alternatives that you can serve at your wedding reception:

Cupcakes – Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? These are a fun alternative that will give you a cake-like taste in a smaller package. Better yet, serving cupcakes can make you a real winner in the eyes of picky eaters at your reception since it’s so easy to mix and match countless varieties of flavors. You can also have your cupcakes decorated and designed in a multitude of ways, allowing you to incorporate your wedding’s colors and designs in a snap. Gain instant décor by choosing to display your yummy dessert with cupcake towers!

Dessert Shots – Want just a little bit of dessert on your special day? Dessert shots are the way to go! You can choose from a wide range of flavors or choose to spotlight a little bit of everything for you and your guests to enjoy. Besides being super easy to eat while mingling with your friends and family, dessert shots are simply stunning to look at!

Cheesecake – If you’re looking for a more savory dessert to indulge in, cheesecake is a good way to go! Opt for traditional cheesecake or go a little wild and try something like chocolate cheesecake or other flavors of the dessert. You can also choose between serving traditional slices or cheesecake cupcakes to your guests as well. Don’t forget to add your favorite fruits as toppings!

Dessert Bar – Just can’t choose between your favorite desserts? Why not try a dessert bar that serves ‘em all? From brownie bites and cookies to macaroons, meringues, chocolate covered strawberries, and everything in between, you and your guests will have a huge array of desserts to choose from and relish. Make sure that there’s plenty to go around! Your guests (well, and maybe you, too) may want to try a little bit of everything.

Pies – If you’re more of a pie person, there’s no reason why you can’t serve pie at your wedding reception! Serve up traditional slices of your favorite flavors of pie or give your guests their very own mini-pie to sample and savor. These would look particularly pretty featured on a tiered shelf, mimicking a traditional wedding cake look.

Cookie Bar – Cookies and milk? Yes, please! Give your guests a batch of delicious homemade cookies ranging from chocolate chip and white nut macadamia to peanut butter, snickerdoodle, raspberry cheesecake, or any other flavor you can dream up! Complete the dessert by offering pitchers of ice-cold milk to wash it all down.

Donuts – Everyone loves donuts! Treat your guests to a variety of pastries from good ol’ glazed to frosted, sprinkled, or even plain cake donuts. You can also choose to display them on tiers or try something a little different like a bouquet of donut holes. However you dress it up, your guests are sure to love it!

Cake Pops – For something with a bit of a modern flare, cake pops are always a good choice. You get to enjoy the taste of frosted cake on a stick, making this treat easy to eat and just enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. Color-coordinate the pops with your wedding colors or be daring with a mild ombre effect. Don’t forget to top it all off with a wedding topper!

Have your dessert of choice narrowed down? Want to talk to the experts about the best dessert to serve? Come visit McArthur’s Bakery Café in St. Louis! Our four locations are proud to serve you delicious desserts and listen to your every desire when it comes to your wedding dessert. Call us today to schedule a consultation at (314) 894-0900!

6 Reasons Why McArthur’s Bakery Café Is Your One-Stop Shop for Wedding Cake Consultations


Are you a blushing bride-to-be? Congratulations! We know that you are looking forward to your big day, but we also know how stressful wedding planning can be. That’s why we make it a point to go above and beyond all of the other bakeries out there to provide you with excellent service and delicious cakes to sample when you come in for a consultation.

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3 Trends That Really Put the Icing on the Cake

McArthur's Bakery | Custom

It’s that time of year when it’s finished raining and we’re supposed to have a caboodle of flowers everywhere. This is also a trendy time of year when many soon-to-be brides become forever united with their spouses. After the happy couple’s vows have been promised, they undergo their first task as a couple – cutting the wedding cake.

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We Are Spreading Our History to the Delmar Loop!


What’s that smell? It must be the delicious aroma of an historic bakery café opening a brand-new location in the Delmar Loop! McArthur’s has roots in St. Louis dating back to 1956, and we plan to expand our 60 years of experience to the Loop this month! Think traditional home-style bakery meets a fresh and modern café.

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